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Welcome to the all new Altofts Online.

Our sincere apologies but our site is not too mobile friendly at the moment, we hope we can rectify this with further updates.

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We at have decided to dedicate the whole website to all things Altofts and Normanton through photographs and/or stories.

Its people, its history, its education and employment, to name but just a few.

If you have ties with, or were brought up in Altofts or Normanton why not get in touch with us and share your stories and/or photographs.

Get in touch with us through our contact details, be it our telephone number at the top of this page or through our contact page and we will inform you how you can get your stories and/or photographs to us.

copy acknoledgement

Mr John Hodgkins

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Altofts online are proud and priveleged to have John involved with this site, and anyone who knows him will know of his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things which hold a historical and/or sentimental value.

John is familiar to people in Altofts and Normanton in regards to his slide shows and talks that he gives, and if you ask anyone who has attended any of these they all say the same "they are something not to be missed".

John also holds a wealth of knowledge in most aspects of mining and is known from fields afar in regards to his talks on these subject matters.

the magic lanternA trip down memory lane

Ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time, well now you can with Mr John Hodgkins and the Magic Lantern. 

Be it photographs of friends or family, old work colleagues, old buildings that have now disappeared, and much much more, then an evening with John is not to be missed.

Where is Altofts?

Altofts is a large village situated just a few miles outside the city of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

Its nearest town situated just south of the village is the historic town of Normanton, like Altofts once renowned for its railways and coal mines, but like many villages/towns has seen big changes in recent years.